Spirometry 360 Course Components

Spirometry Fundamentals

A self-paced online instructional program that provides a clear and basic primer on how to perform and interpret spirometry tests.

Spirometry Learning Labs

A self-paced online course series developed by our expert faculty that provides comprehensive instruction for performing, interpreting, and implementing spirometry in primary care. These case-based courses target both test administrators and interpreting providers.

Spirometry Feedback

Personalized analysis of your spirometry tests though customized monthly feedback reports written by our faculty. Access your spirometry test file in our Feedback Reporting System to review each test along with its grade and faculty comments. One on one support for technique and interpreation is also available.

Learning Objectives

  • Demonstrate sustained improvement in the number of spirometry tests submitted per month.

  • Demonstrate sustained improvement in the quality of spirometry tests as compared to baseline data for practices so at least two-thirds of sessions meet American Thoracic Society (ATS) acceptability criteria.

  • Learn to integrate diagnostic spirometry into a planned-care model.