The Business Case


The Practice Perspective

  • Spirometry is a reimbursable procedure in the primary care office
  • Improving care increases provider and patient satisfaction
  • Better care should lead to better health outcomes.

The Health Plan Perspective

  • Reduce unnecessary specialty referrals by improving primary care for straightforward and common conditions.
  • "Raise the floor” for appropriate referrals (severe disease, r/o restriction, or other abnormality discovered via spirometry).
  • Reduce acute visit use (ED visits and hospitalizations) through improved preventive care.

Spirometry is a reimbursable procedure. Here are the most commonly used CPT codes for spirometry:


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* Additional codes may be found in the 2015 Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) Manual published by the American Medical Association. All spirometers may not perform all procedures identified by CPT codes. Medical necessity must be established by the patient's physician in accordance with specific coverage policy guidelines.

** Medicare allowable amounts vary by geographic region