Spirometry Feedback

Spirometry Feedback provides participants with the means to achieve continuous quality improvement with the aim of attaining consistent, quality spirometry tests. The number of tests performed and their quality are tracked based on American Thoracic Society (ATS) criteria.

Included in each Feedback Report are:

  1. Your total number of tests submitted, quantity of passing tests, and your performance compared to the Spirometry 360 historical averages.
  2. Your most common errors and how to correct them.
  3. A narrative summary of your overall performance.

* Most common error feature requires use of the ndd. EasyOne spirometer.

NEW: Do you feel like you have a strong grasp on how to perform spirometry well, but want some help perfecting your skills? Spirometry Feedback is now available as a standalone purchase!

  • Five monthly Feedback Reports and access to your test file in the Feedback Reporting System
  • One-on-one support available with our faculty and your team 
  • Pricing (per spirometer):
    • $1350 for ndd EasyOne
    • $1850 for any other spirometer

The Three Elements of a Feedback Report

Quality and Quantity benchmarks and identifying your common errors/how to correct them

A Detailed Breakdown of Your Test Grades

Images of Your Tests in the Feedback Reporting System to Illustrate Where You are Succeeding and Where you Have Room to Improve