Spirometry Fundamentals

Spirometry Fundamentals is a primer course that provides clear and consistent information about the correct administration of spirometry and the interpretation of test results.

Audience: Spirometry Fundamentals targets health care providers, especially general practitioners, and others interested in high-quality training in lung function testing.

Note: Spirometry Fundamentals is included as part of the Spirometry Learning Lab package.


Module Topics

  • The Spirometric Maneuver
  • Time/Volume Curve
  • Flow/Volume Curve
  • Preparing to do Spirometry
  • Patient Preparation and Coaching
  • Acceptability and Reproducibility of Tests
  • Reference Values and Percent Predicteds
  • Interpretation for Clinical Use
  • Pre- and Post-Bronchodilator Response

Key Features

  • Interactive video, captioned audio, and animation
  • Clear objectives, straightforward content
  • Short quizzes to reinforce learning objectives
  • Learner-paced, short modules (2-11 minutes each)
  • Training completed in just 90 minutes
  • National guidelines and additional resources


Who is the target audience of Spirometry Fundamentals?
There are two main groups who will benefit from Spirometry Fundamentals: the persons who will coach the spirometric maneuver and the persons who will interpret the results. 

What are the learning objectives?
1. Correctly perform spirometry in an office setting.
2. Effectively interpret spirometry for use in clinical practice. 

How much time does the training program take to complete?
The full program of 10 modules (2-11 minutes each) takes approximately 90 minutes to complete.