Spirometry 360 offers comprehensive, interactive, and evidence-based online programs to train test administrators and clinical interpreters to perform and interpret high-quality spirometry tests. Each course is designed to fit into your team’s busy schedule by allowing you to complete the material at your own pace. 

Spirometry 360 combines three components for the purpose of training your team to perform and interpret high-quality spirometry, know when it is appropriate to refer a patient to a specialist, and how to incorporate the test into a planned care model. 

The course includes:

  1. Enrollment for up to three participants*
  2. The full suite of training materials for performing, interpreting, and implementing spirometry
  3. Five monthly Feedback Reports summarizing where you succeeding and how you can improve

*Additional participants can be enrolled for a supplemental fee.

Spirometry 360 Express is an individual-based program to rapidly train participants on how to coach a patient to perform high-quality spirometry tests and identify and correct common errors.

The course includes:

  1. Spirometry Fundamentals and the Coach 1 & 2 Learning Labs
  2. Grading and feedback on five of your spirometry tests and one-on-one support with our faculty