One of the key components of Spirometry 360 are the customized Feedback Reports provided to you based on your own spirometry tests, but we first need to collect them. To simplify this process, we have developed an electronic uploading tool for use with the ndd. EasyOne spirometer that transmits your tests to our database for review. If you use an EasyOne spirometer and are enrolled in Spirometry 360, see below for how to get started.

To interface your EasyOne spirometer with your computer, you must first install EasyWare, the companion software for the EasyOne.

Run EasyWare after you have installed it to automatically create the database where the spirometry tests will be stored (no tests need to synced with your computer to complete this step). Please make sure you have successfully installed and run EasyWare before proceeding to the next step.

Download EasyOne spirometer user guide here.


Spirometry 360 Feedback Agent
Next, install the Spirometry 360 Feedback Agent. This program is used to transfer your spirometry tests (with all Protected Health Information--PHI--removed) to us for review. 

All of the tests are stored locally on your computer in the EasyWare program, but copies of them are sent to us for review via the Feedback Agent.  

Due to the removal of PHI during the transfer, the Spiro360 Feedback Agent is completely HIPAA compliant.