Continuing Medical Education

Spirometry 360 is not currently offering Continuing Medical Education credit.


Spirometry 360 is not currently offering Continuing Nursing Education credit.

Maintenance of Certification Part 4

Through Seattle Children’s Hospital, participation in Spirometry 360™ qualifies as a performance improvement project that will provide up to 25 points toward meeting Maintenance of Certification, Part 4 requirements for the American Board of Pediatrics and the American Board of Family Medicine (other boards may offer reciprocity). In order to qualify, physicians will need to attend the two provider sessions (Provider Learning Lab and Combined Learning Lab), participate with their team in submitting at least three months of tests (one prior to training and two post-training months), and function with their team to improve performance. Each individual provider will need to attest that they were part of the team and participated in the course.
* A $75 administrative fee paid to Seattle Children’s Hospital is required to receive MOC Part 4 credit