What is Spirometry 360?

Spirometry 360 is a suite of comprehensive, interactive, and evidence-based online courses which train providers and support staff to effectively perform and interpret diagnostic spirometry. A variety of distance learning techniques are used in order to be flexible enough to fit into your team’s busy schedule.

360: A 6-month quality-improvement course where your team is trained to perform high-quality spirometry, accurately interpret results, know when it is appropriate to refer patients to a specialist, and implement spirometry into a planned care model. Your team is given access to the full range of Spirometry 360 training materials and receives monthly feedback reports which summarize your spirometry test quality and offer guidance on where you are succeeding and how you can improve.

Each course license includes enrollment for 3 participants and we recommend that at least one coach (test administrator) and one provider (test interpreter) participate to ensure that your team can take full advantage of the course to learn how to perform, interpret, and implement spirometry at your practice. Note: additional participants can be enrolled for a supplemental fee. 

360 Express: An individual-based course focusing on rapidly training participants to administer spirometry. This is a good option for those who want to learn how to coach high-quality spirometry tests at a practice where it is already in use, especially where significant volumes of tests are produced, such as a specialist’s office.

What are the course components?

Spirometry Fundamentals – A Basic Guide to Lung Function Testing: A self-paced online instructional program that provides a clear and basic primer on how to perform a high-quality spirometry test and interpret its results for clinical utility (approx. 90 minutes). More info

Spirometry Learning Labs: A series of four courses developed by our expert faculty that provides comprehensive instruction for performing, interpreting, and implementing spirometry in primary care through an interactive and online classroom setting. Completed at your convenience, these case-based courses include instruction for both test administrators and interpreting providers (courses vary between 25 and 60 minutes). Pediatric and Family Practice Learning Labs are available. More info

Spirometry Feedback: Personalized analysis of your spirometry tests through customized feedback reports written by our faculty. You also are given access to your spirometry test file in our Feedback Reporting System where you can review each of your submitted tests along with the grade and comments assigned by our faculty. One-on-one videoconferencing sessions with our faculty are available to your team members who complete the Learning Labs and are interested in additional support. More info

How Does The Course Work?


  1. Your team is given access to Spirometry Fundamentals and the Spirometry Learning Labs and begins to submits spirometry tests. How you submit tests depends on the type of spirometer that you have:
    • ndd EasyOne Plus - Tests are submitted via our desktop uploading app, the Feedback Agent. You simply sync your spirometer with your computer as you normally would and your tests are securely uploaded to our University of Washington-based server. Note: The Feedback Agent is fully HIPAA-compliant. No PHI is transferred during test uploads.
    • Other spirometers - PHI-redacted copies of tests are submitted as PDFs via email.
  2. Your team receives five monthly Feedback Reports based on your spirometry tests and access to your test file in the Feedback Reporting System to review your test grades and comments from our faculty.
  3. If your team needs extra support, we can schedule a one-on-one session for you to meet with our faculty to work through any difficulty that you are experiencing. 

360 Express:

  1. Complete the Coach 1 and 2 Learning Labs.
  2. Submit a set of 5 spirometry tests for review.
  3. Participants complete the course by passing all quizzes in the Learning Labs and achieving an 80% (4/5) pass rate on their tests.
  4. If you are struggling to produce high-quality tests, we will work with you to identity where you are having trouble. You can then can submit up to two additional sets of tests for review.


What is The Course duration And When Is It Offered?

360: Spirometry 360 is a 6-month program. The course starts on the first business day of each month and you can choose in the month you would like to start.  

360 Express: Participants have access to the Learning Labs and can submit tests for review during a 3-month period. The course can be started at any time. 

Who Should Participate In Spirometry 360?

Anyone who is interested to learn how to perform or interpret diagnostic spirometry! We recommend the courses to: family practice physicians, pediatricians, internal medicine physicians, nurse practitioners, respiratory therapists, registered nurses, community health workers, medical assistants, physician assistants, health educators, and research staff.

How Much Does The Course Cost?

360: The course enrollment fee is based on the type of spirometer that you use:

Enrollment fee:
ndd EasyOne: $2000
Other spirometers: $2500

Each license fee includes enrollment for 1-3 participants and feedback for one spirometer. Additional participants can be enrolled for $250/person. Additional course packages can be purchased if you would like to receive feedback for multiple spirometers.

360 Express:

Enrollment fee:
$400 per person

Do I Need A Spirometer To Participate?

The feedback that we provide to you based on your spirometry tests is integral to the learning experience for Spirometry 360 and Spirometry 360 Express. As a result, we do require that you have a spirometer to participate in each program.

How Many People Can Participate?

360: A single license of Spirometry 360 includes enrollment for up to three participants and additional participants can be enrolled for a supplemental fee.  

360 Express: Enrollment is on a per-person basis. There is no limit to the number of individuals who can enroll from a particular practice.

Can I Purchase The Training Materials Individually?

Yes! Although Spirometry 360 and Spirometry 360 Express offer the most comprehensive training experience, we understand that each team’s needs are unique. Spirometry Learning Labs (incl. Spirometry Fundamentals) and Spirometry Feedback can be purchased individually.   

Can I Earn Professional Credit For The Course?

Yes! Spirometry 360 participants are eligible to Maintenance of Certification (MOC) Part-4 credit. More info